Rob Plevy, Esq.

If you’ve been injured in a New Jersey motorcycle accident, call New Jersey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Rob Plevy for a free consultation without obligation to find out your rights and what benefits you are entitled to. I will also tell you how I can find $million umbrella insurance, settle your case quickly, and protect your settlement money from being eaten up by medical liens.

New Jersey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Robert Plevy, Esq., is experienced with New Jersey motorcycle accidents & injuries.

If you are a New Jersey motorcyclist, you have probably seen my ads on TV and motorcycle magazines. Many personal injury lawyers do not like motorcycle cases because of the unique legal issues involving motorcycle accidents, especially fighting to keep your settlement from being used to pay back liens for medical treatment. However, I prefer motorcycle accident cases.

Although each New Jersey motorcycle accident and injury is different and it is not possible to predict results. Because of the injury sustained in a motorcycle accident, I usually obtain a settlement offer for the entire insurance policy within 3-4 months of the motorcycle accident. Because of the severity of the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, it is vitally important to determine the existence of million-dollar umbrella insurance. My investigator provides me with a report from the National Insurance Company Database showing the name and address of the insurance company, the policy number and amount of umbrella insurance if any exists to pay you for your injuries.

I will provide you with a free consultation without obligation and without pressure. Call days/nights/weekends with any question. In fact, you can call right now at 1-800-HURT-911.

I provide:

  • Free Consultation – No Obligation
  • No Fee Unless You Win Money
  • 1/3 Legal Fee Paid at the End of Your Case
  • I Pay All Case Expenses Without Reimbursement When Settled Prior to Trial
  • No Fee for Property Damage Claims
  • No Fee for Disability Claims
  • No Fee for Negotiating Health Insurance Liens
  • I Will Fill Out All Insurance & DMV Forms for You
  • Personal Service!

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